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A New Concept In Walk In Care


The 10 Minute Walk In Clinic can care for people with common infections and everyday irritations such as sore throat, earache, sinus pain, pink eye, coughing, wheezing, allergies, skin rash, bladder infection in ladies, and even return-to-work notes.


The 10 Minute Walk in Clinic limits its practice to problems that can readily be diagnosed and treated within a 10 minute period. We provide episodic care only. It is not our intention to replace the comprehensive care of your primary care provider.

Patients 18 months and older can be seen in either of our two locations, and both of the clinics offer extended hours.




Our prescriptions can be filled on site for your convenience, or in the pharmacy of your choice in Washington State. If you choose to fill your prescriptions on site, you will be offered the Leader Wellness Saving Plan which will provide you with savings on both prescription and non prescription products.




In order to keep your costs low, we do not participate with any insurance plans. The office fees are paid at the time of service using cash, debit or credit cards.




We are a walk in clinic, so no appointment is needed but you can make an appointment by clicking the above "Make an Appointment" button. We try to keep our wait times low, but do not have a system to predict what your wait time will be from the time of registration until you are seen by the provider. Our patients rarely wait longer than one hour to be seen, usually no more than 20 minutes.




The 10 Minute Walk In Clinic concept was created in 2004 by registered pharmacist Dale Duskin and family nurse practitioner Ronald Young. They saw the need for a more convenient system of primary health care delivery that would supplement traditional doctors’ office care. They identified a need in the community for some kind of interim care for people with minor illnesses having difficulty getting in to see their primary clinician.


As they developed the concept, they wanted to keep the visits affordable so it would benefit the uninsured folks as well as insured individuals.

So a new concept in health care was born: affordable walk in care where the patient could be seen for minor illnesses yet continue to see their primary care provider for more complicated and chronic conditions. Since the 10 Minute Walk In Clinics are located inside pharmacies, patients receive fast and affordable health care services with the added convenience of being able to fill their prescriptions on the spot.




The 10 Minute Clinics are independent businesses from the pharmacies where they are located. The pharmacy has no control over the practice of the 10 Minute Walk In Clinics, since the clinics are privately owned and operated



Inside the Arlington Pharmacy

540 West Avenue

Arlington, WA 98223