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Do you take insurance?

No, in order to keep our prices low, we do not contract with any Insurance companies. You are financially responsible for the cost of the health care provided, including any tests. None of these charges will be covered by Medicare, DSHS, or other health insurance programs.

How may I pay?

Cash, debit or credit card. In order to keep costs low, there is no deferred billing, sliding scale, or payment plan available. If you have insurance, you should understand that our services will probably not be reimbursed by your insurance company.


What does the office visit fee cover?


The fee covers the office visit only. Required prescriptions, lab tests or special procedures will carry an additional charge.


Do you treat children?


Over 18 months of age, yes. We refer younger children to other providers.


Who should use the 10 Minute Walk In Clinic?


The 10 Minute Walk In Clinic is an ideal health care solution for busy professionals, working parents, cost conscious families, students and others who can’t spend the time waiting for medical appointments.


Can the 10 Minute Walk In Clinic do everything my primary care physician can?


Our staff is well qualified to treat the majority of simple illnesses that would otherwise take up a primary physician’s time, providing them time for other more critical matters. However, we will refer you to your primary care physician, and /or to an emergency care facility if you are diagnosed with a condition that requires further attention.


What if I come in with a medical condition beyond the scope of treatment for the 10 Minute Walk In Clinic?


You’ll be referred to an urgent care facility, or your primary care physician, or a hospital emergency room.


Can the 10 Minute Walk In Clinic become my primary doctor?


No, it is not our intention to replace the comprehensive care of your primary care provider.

Can you refill my meds for me?


We can refill your medication for up to 30 days to give you time to get back in to your primary care provider. Many medications require medical monitoring periodically and this monitoring must be done by your primary care provider. The exception to this would be allergy and asthma medications, and some creams for skin conditions.


I’m visiting from out of town and I lost/forgot my meds. Can you help?


Yes. We can prescribe medications other than narcotics to last until you get back home or can see your primary care provider again.


Do you do the lab testing for patients on blood thinners like Coumadin?


No, you need to see a primary care provider for this service.


Would I be able to have my thyroid medication renewed at the 10 Minute Walk In Clinic?


We recommend you get your thyroid medications refilled by your primary care provider in order to have medical monitoring of the condition and the effectiveness of your treatment evaluated.




Frequently Asked Questions


The 10 Minute Clinics are independent businesses from the pharmacies where they are located. The pharmacy has no control over the practice of the 10 Minute Walk In Clinics, since the clinics are privately owned and operated



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