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The 10 Minute Walk In Clinic is staffed by PA's & Family Nurse Practitioners.


All of our PA's & Nurse Practitioners are nationally Board Certified and licensed to practice by the State of Washington.


Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who have completed advanced education and training in the diagnosis and management of common, as well as complex medical conditions, including chronic illnesses. Nurse Practitioners are trained to focus on patients’ conditions as well as the effect of illness on the lives of the patents and their families. Nurse Practitioners have provided health care services to patients for more than 40 years. The role had its inception in the mid-1960’s in response to a nationwide shortage of physicians.


Prevention, wellness, and patient education are priorities for Nurse Practitioners. This means fewer prescriptions and more cost effective treatments for our patients. It is a goal of Nurse Practitioners to inform their patients about their health care and encourage them to participate in decision making about their care.


Nurse Practitioners provide a broad range of health care services including the same work as physicians. Some of these are listed here:


  •     Taking a medical history
  •     Performing a physical exam
  •     Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests
  •     Diagnosing illness - acute, chronic and mental health conditions
  •     Prescribing medications, physical therapy and other rehabilitative   treatments


Many scientific studies have compared the care of physicians with that of nurse practitioners. The conclusion of these studies reports that overall there is a high level of patient satisfaction with Nurse Practitioner service. Back in 2000, The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study showing patients improved exactly the same whether they had Nurse Practitioner care or physician care. Further, several studies have shown that patients would rather see a nurse practitioner than a physician because nurse practitioners spend more time with them, help them understand their condition better, and are perceived to be more thorough.


Our Nurse Practitioners all have a broad and extensive range of experience in patient care. We look forward to working with you to promote your optimal health.


The 10 Minute Clinics are independent businesses from the pharmacies where they are located. The pharmacy has no control over the practice of the 10 Minute Walk In Clinics, since the clinics are privately owned and operated



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